January 21, 2011

French Girls Rock: Le Blog de Betty

I have a little "collection" of French girl fashion blogs that I read religiously. They are my absolute favorites and I think it's about time I introduce them here on Poulet Poulet. I'll do a post for each of them and I'll start of with:

Meet Betty, the coolest chick in Paris. She's a super trendy fashion blogger with amazing raw style and a cute sense of humor. Unlike many other fashionistas she almost always smiles on her pictures, and I like that a lot. She's a very pretty girl that seems very forthcoming, and she has an amazing life that she likes to share with all her readers. She travels a lot so besides fashion you can expect to see many photos from her adventures abroad. She's very classy and so is her photos, which makes this the go to blog if you want relevant style updates from a down to earth rock chick Parisian.


  1. Hiya! Just found your blog on Google while trying to find mine (we have similar blog names :)) and I just wanted to say how much I agree with you on this one! Betty definitely is one of my favourites as well. Perfect every single day :)

    De Poulet

  2. Hey. Yeah, Betty is amazing. I'd kill for her wardrobe. :-) Just checked out your blog and like it very much! :D