February 28, 2011

Fashion Week: Dolce and Gabbana

I was starstruck when I logged on to watch the Dolce and Gabbana Milan Fashion Week show. I must say that it really blew my mind. I've always loved the masculine cuts for girls, but adding the stars and fur with sequin fitted coats and glitter skinnies looked amazing! Not to mention the sheer star pattern dresses, musical note purses and piano shoes. They also used some of my favorite models including Abbey Lee, who now looked like a young boy in her taylored suit. The show remined me of two wonderful songs from my childhood that I'm going to share with you now along with some of my favorite looks from the show.


Weekly Lookbook

All from lookbook.nu

Draped in Vogue

This is a gorgeous shoot from German Vogue November 2010 that I just love! The color palette is very fresh and the use of materials is right up my alley.

February 27, 2011

Galaxy Cat

Style Icon: Stevie Nicks

Stevie is a very cool chic who's been a rock star fashion trendsetter since she started out. These are some of my favorite Stevie looks.

The Japanese blues

Yesterday I went a little shopping crazy on Etsy and bought myself what looks to be a beautiful vintage Japanese silk haori. Lately I've been lusting after something like this and I'm going to rock it all spring if it's as good in real life as on the pictures. I'm trying out new colors than I normally wear at the moment, particularly different tones of blue. My doctor once tested me for allergies and it turned out I was allergic to blue, specifically cobalt blue pigment, and I haven't worn blue clothing since I found out. Now I'm giving it another shot and so far nothing has happened, so I'm glad to get back to all the lovely shades of blue that I've been missing out on for years. This robe is no exception and I love the pattern and colorscheme and can't wait for it to get here.