June 17, 2011


I was just on Shampalove and felt the need to share the pics from their new lookbook as well as some of my favorite pieces from their shop. I love the purple tinted photos below with the contrasting bright yellow as well as the models dipdyed hair.

June 15, 2011

Sugarhigh + Lovestoned

I just discovered the new lookbook by Sugarhigh + Lovestoned via Spell and I must say it blew my mind. The redhead is gorgeous with her messy bangs, and I love the whole relaxed biker chick feel of the shoot. This is just a great collection photos and you can see more on their blog here.

June 14, 2011

Spanish Moss Goodies

A lot of genious stuff has been happening on one of my favorite shopping sites Spanish Moss lately and I'm really exited about it. I found some perfect pieces the other day but was too late to buy them and I could just kick myself for being so slow. Anyway, here are pics from their new website and lookbook as well as some older pics.