May 02, 2010

My April Looks and Buys

As most of my money is being saved for New York, a lot of my looks last month are from a dressingrooms. I know it's sad but I'm doing myself a favor in the long run. Here are some of my favorite looks and pieces from April:

TopShop Romper:
My boyfriend bought me this one for my birthday.

TopShop Eiffel Tower Top:
Also a present from my sweetie.

Monki Straw Hat:
I had to have it! I've DIY'ed it and added some fake flowers to make it blossom.

H&M Denim Shirt:
This is also hung firmly in my closet. Perfect for spring.

Zara Flower Cardigan:
Didn't get this one though it was cute.

Zara Dotted Top and Flowery Skirt:
I loved this outfit and got the top. My boyfriend bought me the skirt but unfortunately it was the wrong size and they were sold out on mine so I never got it. *cry*

Zara Lace Dress:
I bought this but returned it as my sweetie though I looked like an old lady haha.

Mango Sequin French Top:
This was perfect for my hair color and I love all sequin tops so I had to get it.

TopShop Flowery Dress:
This was a present from my boyfriend and can't wait to wear it this summer!

H&M Flowery Skirt:
I want this and might still get it!

April Wishlist

April was a month full of wants and needs but I'm trying to subdue my urge to shop even though it kills me. I'll be going to New York this summer and I'm trying to save up as much $$$ as I can so I'll be able to get whatever I want when I'm there. I hate saying no to myself and it's hard enough here, but when I'm in New York or Paris it's almost impossible. So that's why this wishlist will stay just that, wishes. Here are some of my favorites from April:


I'm in the mood for pastels as well as neons. Not sure how to blend those together but I'll find a way. I did get some good bargains last month some of which I'll share here soon.

First time on TV!

So those of you who know me might remember that I work for a Danish online game called MoviestarPlanet. I'm the art director and game designer, and I'm responsible for the graphics and content as well as coming up with new ideas. A couple of days ago we launched our first TV commercial! This is the first time my illustrations and graphics have been on TV which I think is pretty cool. The commercial runs on Cartoon Network in Denmark, Sweden and Norway and the motion graphics have been made by a UK agency that I don't know the name of. But anyway, I'm pretty proud that our game has made it this far and is branching out in the rest of Scandinavia, and I just wanted to share this news.