September 19, 2011

Polaroid LA

I haven't been well enough to sort through my LA photos yet, but here are a few teasers edited with Poladroid. More to come!

September 18, 2011

House of Holland SS12

I've been following all the Fashion Week shows on my phone from bed and boy there are a lot of yummy goodies in there that I can't wait to wear next year. Yesterday was the House of Holland show and it was brimming with candy pastels, plaid Clueless skirts, buttoned collars, animal prints, and sheer fabrics. One of my favorite shows so far. 

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September 16, 2011


Pity Party

I'm home in bed feeling pretty sorry for myself, and have been for a week now. I was in a go cart crash last Saturday and it was so bad that I have to stay in bed for at least a week, more if my back pains don't subside. Right now it's not looking good as I can hardly bend it, let alone sit at a desk. On top of that I've been lucky enough to catch a cold and sore throat as well as having fevers. So yeah, I feel pretty sorry for myself. Right now I'm watching Thelma and Louise and wow, what an incredible bad-girl road movie! I love the fashion, rugged, ripped, denim, yet feminine. Makes me miss driving through the Nevada and Arizona desert, passing by all the Joshua Trees and feeling the baking hot sun against my face. Definitely beats lying in bed watching meaningless TV, and having to stuff my face with painkillers to get through the day. Check out Geena and Susan below for must have desert gear.

September 08, 2011

That Girl

I just found these gorgeous photographs by Iain McKell. I especially love the one of Lily Cole riding her bike down Portobello Road. She's definitely one of my favorite models. There are more photos of her here  including childhood pics where you can see her posing like crazy which is really cute. I was a child model from ages 1-7 years and it was so much fun and I'm so glad I did it. I was in all the Danish magazines at the time and my mom bought them all in volumes and made a huge scrapbook for me. I'll post some of the pictures one day as they are really fun to look back on. It was a great way to get new friends and experiences, and afterwards we always went out and bought me a new My Little Pony for my collection. I have about 150 ponies from back then haha.


I'm over the moon in love with this floor mattress. I want it so bad!

September 04, 2011

My goodness!

Sorry I haven't posted. I promise I'll be here again soon. Today I actually have no real excuse. I was gripped by a thriller TV show called Harper's Island and couldn't stop watching. It was on all day so I put my life on hold and just watched. And it was good. I'm feeling so guilty now haha.