January 20, 2011

Photo Diary: Summer in Las Vegas

My fiance and I went to Las Vegas in August and I simply have to share this extrodinary experience here. We'd never been there before so it was new to the both of us, and we found it to be so much different from any place we've ever been. We stayed at the wonderful MGM Grand where we shared a gorgeous Bungalo Suite. We had a spectacular view and our bed was huge and very comfy. Paradise City was everything I was hoping it to be. As a graphic designer I found myself drooling over all the huge neon typographic wonders everywhere, as well as the general visual experience of walking down the strip, looking at the mountains in the horizon, and being blinded by all the glitz and glam the city had to offer. Everything was very exciting and there were so many things to do. The most special experience for me was the desert and the Grand Canyon. I'd never been in a desert before and it was breathtakingly beautiful. I especially loved the Joshua Trees along the road and the wild cattle resting beneath them. I'd definitely recommend Las Vegas to anyone who wants a fun and diverse vacation. And there's lots more to do there than gamble, though we did try a lot of fun slot machines as well as a couple of rounds of poker. Here is some of the visual eye candy I captured on our first day there:

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