September 08, 2011

That Girl

I just found these gorgeous photographs by Iain McKell. I especially love the one of Lily Cole riding her bike down Portobello Road. She's definitely one of my favorite models. There are more photos of her here  including childhood pics where you can see her posing like crazy which is really cute. I was a child model from ages 1-7 years and it was so much fun and I'm so glad I did it. I was in all the Danish magazines at the time and my mom bought them all in volumes and made a huge scrapbook for me. I'll post some of the pictures one day as they are really fun to look back on. It was a great way to get new friends and experiences, and afterwards we always went out and bought me a new My Little Pony for my collection. I have about 150 ponies from back then haha.

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