May 06, 2011

Ich Bin Ein Berliner

This was my first time ever in Berlin and I had no idea what to expect when out plane landed at the airport. My first impression was that everything looked rather grayish and outdated, but that changed when we entered the center of the city. It was simply delightful and I was running extatically around in the plethora of vintage stores we'd found, not to mention drooling over the dusins of great looking restaurants. I found an amazing vintage store called Made In Berlin and I had to try out all their cool 80s shoulderpad leather jackets and funky tops. They were amazing in a way-over-the-top kind of way. I also fell in love with a store selling absinth. The bottles were a packaging designers dream so of course I had to buy my two favorites. They look like magical viles of emerald water. I had a great first day in Berlin and was very impressed with how friendly people were. I didn't bother to take a lot of pictures on this trip, but I did manage to snap af few for you.

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