April 22, 2011

Bradley Cooper and Me


 I love going to the movies and never miss the opportunity to do a little celebrity stalking if it's not too inconvenient, so of course I was there when Bradley Cooper was in Copenhagen to promote his movie Limitless. It was fun too see all the screaming girls lounging at him to get an autograph or a photo. I came completely unprepared for the crowds and photo ops so my pictures didn't turn out that great. I didn't have anything for him to autograph either so I settled for seeing him signing posters for everyone else. Fortunately I'm quite resourceful so I managed to get a poster from his press team and ambush him at the end of the autograph line where I not only got his autograph but also a picture (unfortunately I look like a chubby chipmunk in it). Cooper seemed like a really nice guy and took time signing posters and posing for pictures for a lot of the people there. He was graceful, professional and a lot shorter than I imagined haha. Oh, and he had a nice smile. The movie was actually quite good and it didn't hurt that Cooper had been up on stage presenting it with a couple of funny behind the scenes stories. I filmed it so visit my Flickr if you want to see.

Below are some pictures taken by the Nordisk Film press team. You can find me in the crowds if you look close enough.

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