March 01, 2010

Art of BioShock 2

I'm in no way a serious gamer though I've been playing computer games since my very first Olivetti PC in the early 90s. I used to play crazy and wonderful DOS games and early CD ROM games such as Hook, the Kings Quest series, The Kyrandia, series, as well as some of the freakier Sierra games such as Shivers and Phantasmagoria. I took a break from gaming until I got my first laptop and then continued with American McGee's Alice. I then started dating my boyfriend and he introduced me to the wonderful World of Warcraft and I got totally hooked. Finally I realized that it was a major time consumer and stopped playing. I then started playing cute little online games such as Pet Society but ultimately stopped that too. I work with online games on a daily basis but still that doesn't make me a serious gamer.

It was random that I came across the BioShock 2 trailer and I was instantly mesmerized. The design is fantastic, the characters seem so weird and sinister and it just looks like a game that I'd love. I really appreciate good game- and character design and this game looks like it might fall into that category. I've been scouring the web for pictures to share with you so you'll be able to appreciate the wonder that is BioShock 2. I know absolutely nothing about the story or it's prequel so this post is not a game review but just me suggesting you take a look at the freaky BioShock 2 website or even watch the trailer below. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did. 

First some random concept art I found on Google

These are screenshots from the BioShock 2 website


And finally the trailer that got me into this in the first place

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