February 28, 2010

Organic meets tech with the iWood

I love organic materials and textures such as grass, wood, moss etc. so when I came across this wonderful iPhone cover I saw the opportunity to add a little nature to my beloved phone. I got my iPhone for Christmas from my boyfriend and I don't know how I was ever able to live without it. It is not only my on-the-road access to the world but also an important fashion accessory. That's why I want it to look it's best and right now I'm drooling over the iWood iPhone cover from Miniot. You can get it in all kinds of wood such as Oak, Cherry, Walnut and Mahogany, and they've recently launced the iWood Cobra which is made from two different sorts of wood. Best thing though is you can have it completely customized with your logo or monogram, and they also make them for iPods.

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