January 03, 2010

Finishing Multimedia Design school 2006

I had been a student for two years now at the Multimedia Design school in Copenhagen and was finally finishing. I had learned a lot about media design and had decided that I wanted to fullfill my dream of becoming a graphic designer and illustrator. Throughout my time at the school I worked with all kinds of projects and programs and got a better understanding of how everything worked. My work was very crude but it's fun to look back on.

                                My first attempt at webdesign.

                                A later attemt at webdesign.

Our second year we got an assigment to design an online game for girls. This was the first time I tried vector graphics, photo realism, illustration and character design. I loved it! And I seemed to be fairly good at it as well. Our game was voted the best game of our class which was very cool. Afterwards our project advisor hired me to work on a real online game for girls called Powerbabe and I ended up working there for four years and eventually becoming the editior as well as designer. Here's some examples of my work for the first game prototype.

                             Vector changing room made in Flash

As our final project on our second year we decided to continue working on the game concept though we had to start over. It was a lot of fun and we got the equivalent of an A so we vere very happy with it.

Here's an example of my very first portfolio site:


  1. I like your concept of making games for girls. Thanks for brief view of your projects!!