January 03, 2010

The Graphic Arts Institute of Denmark 2006

Since I was 15 I've only wanted to go to one school and that is The Graphic Arts Institute of Denmark. Back when I was in the eighth grade I got an internship at Disney's Danish department. My advisor told me that the best education I could possibly get in Denmark if I wanted to be a designer or be in advertising, was at that school. So for years I kept the school's name on a note in my drawer, waiting to be old enough to apply. In 2006 it was finally time and I was scared to death. Only 30 people get in every year so my chances were slim. There was an extensive admission test where you had to create a poster, do an ad campaign and show your versatility by designing numerous illustrations based on an apple. I was sure I wouldn't get in and I was a wreck all three days the test lasted. I'd have to wait for months to get the result so when I finally got my admissions letter I was extatic. I got in! I couldn't believe it! And to this day I'm still so thankful for pulling through. My boyfriend was also very supportive and helpful.

We had to make everything out of paper and computers weren't allowed which made it that much more difficult. Here's the work I did for the admission test:

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