May 23, 2011

Into the Dressing Room

I found a few pics on my iPhone of me trying on stuff, and pics of some of my favorite finds that I had to leave behind for one reason or another. I thought I'd share them with you as a little inspirational shopping post.

Cute stuff from Dorothy Perkins. I loved their summer colors and boho items. I bought a cute pink top there but I'll show you that later.

Rad top I found in Topshop. It didn't quite fit my body though. Too bad.

I feel head over heels in love with this vintage reworked leather jacket and it was so hard for me to leave it behind. It was too heavy for me and too big, but oh my gosh how I loved it.

I tried on tons of these Ragged Priest reworked tie dye pieces but they were all either huge on me or way too small. I might try making something like this myself if I can get my hands on some dye. Any tips on where to get it? 

Cool boho bag at Miss Selfridge.

Here's me enjoying my favorite Honey Peach bubble tea in China Town. I already miss it.

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