May 22, 2011

Back from London

I just spent 4 days this week exploring/shopping in London with my wonderful fiancé. The trip was a gift from him to celebrate our 6-year anniversary, and since we both love London it was the perfect setting for the day. We went to new exciting places and revisited the ones we know and love. One thing that really annoyed me though was people telling me I wasn't allowed to take pictures whenever I pulled out my camera. It happened all the time, even outside shops. It seems really wrong to me. Anyway, I can't wait to share pics of my loot with you guys! Here's a few photos to start you off  from our first day there.

The color blocking trend was everywhere in London. I even bought a few things myself to brighten up my wardrobe. 

Cute fringy boho bags in Accessorize. 

Draped hair in the Royal Opera House. Quite stunning when you see it in real life.

Very nice toystore owner that I just had to photograph. His store was really wonderful and quirky.

Vintage jewelry and china at Covent Garden. 

Yummy cakes at the Primrose Bakery. The girls there were really nice and let me take as many photos as I liked. 

 Cute little cupcake soaps that had delightful scents. I bought a bunch to put on my desk.


  1. haha! My cousin used to work at primrose bakery! You should check out 123 shop in bethnal green road, it has lots of yummy vintage and a cafe!!


  2. Thanks for the tip! I'll put it on my to-do list for my next trip. :-)