March 09, 2011

Wonderful Copenhagen: Décor

Today I'm very exited to share another of Copenhagen's hidden gems with you, and this one is a gem indeed. It might even be a diamond if you're a vintage fan like me. Décor is the best vintage shop in Copenhagen in my opinion, and I've been to quite a few. I only recently discovered it thanks to a tip from a friend at work, who took me there a few weeks ago. I was blown away when I entered the shop and beheld the treasures surrounding me in all their glory (yes, that's really how I felt in that moment!). They have everything from clothes, jewelry, handbags, and decor items. I'm currently in love with quite a few things there that are on my birthday wishlist. I bought the loveliest vintage 1930's top that I'll share with you soon. Did I mention that much of the inventory dates back several centuries? I hope you'll take time to visit this place if you're in Copenhagen and need a break from highstreet shopping and want to see something quite unique. For now enjoy these pictures that I snapped for you!

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