March 20, 2011

Weekend Update

I've had a hard time blogging about design and fashion this past week, as writing about beutiful things seem so wrong with what's going on in the world at the moment. I've been heartbroken for the people affected by the Japanese earthquakes, as well as worried about the war-like situation in Libya. It's important to remember in times like these, that if we all stand together we can accomplish anything we want, so I continue to urge you, my dear readers, to help the people of Japan by donating to Red Cross.

My week wasn't that good unfortunately, as my fience's family lost a beloved friend, Buller the cat. It was very sad and I want to take a second to remember him. This week has been anything but ordinary and I'm happy to start over tomorrow as my birthday is approaching rapidly, and I want to enjoy my last days being 26 years old. I'm sure 27 will be great, but getting older is scary and I sometimes can't believe how fast time flies. Before I know it I'll be an old lady with purple hair, Dame Edna glasses and a bunch of cats. Come to think about it, that's not half bad. As long as I still have my beloved by my side I'm sure old age wont be as agonizing as I imagine.

I leave you now to finish my weekend with my favorite dish, my mom's homemade lasagna, and some good company. I've been suffering from a major hangover all weekend and I'm finally beginning to get over it. But more on that later. Take care and see you tomorrow for a brand new week!

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