March 03, 2011

My Valentine's Day

I have yet to tell you about my Valentine's Day but think it's about time as it was freakin' awesome! I woke up early and when I went to the bathroom I noticed our regular toiletpaper had been switched and in it's place was a version with red hearts all over which made me laugh. Then my fiance led me to the living room and boy was I surprised when I opened the door and revealed a Valentine's love nest full of hearts. My fiance had gotten up early and decorated the livingroom with heart balloons, tiny heart lights in red and pink, heart decorations, napkins, and much more. He'd made me a snowglobe with a picture of him and me inside with red water and red hearts floating around in it. He'd also bought a giant bouquet of red roses as well as breakfast. It was very romantic and I especially loved that he'd put so much effort into it. Later after work we went out to dinner at a very cool place that I hadn't tried before. Dinner was lovely and so was my dessert which was apple pie. Mmm... All and all a great day with my man and I can't wait to see what he comes up with next year!

Excuse the poor quality photos. All were taken with my iPhone in very bad lighting.

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