March 13, 2011

My Sunday Bliss

I'm having a very quiet weekend and is basically just relaxing and reading up on my favorite blogs. I love sitting around on a lazy sunday and just doing casual stuff with my fiance. We've been playing Little Big Planet 2, and I quite enjoy it as it's a fun and creative game. We've also had my family over for cupcakes and tea which was very nice as I don't get to see them as often as I'd like. On sundays I also like to take a step back and reflect over the past week and all the things that have happend. If you don't take time to appreciate the little moments that so swiftly pass by, you'll wake up one day and notice that life just flew by you without you noticing. Every day to me is precious and I try to make each one special in one way or the other.

I know for a fact that not everyone has had a good week, so I want to encourage everyone who visits my blog to help out the victims of the tsunami and earthquakes in Japan. Here's a link to the American Red Cross where you can make a donation to aid those in need.

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