March 01, 2011

My 15 Microseconds of Fame on 30 Rock

Last summer my fiance and I went to New York to visit my dad and the rest of the American half of my family. I love being in New York as you never know what new adventure is waiting around the corner, be it a gem of a vintage shop, a french pastry bakery, or a gorgeous skyline sunset. It just so happens that my fiance and I got quite the experience when we went to the Rockefeller Center to do some last minute shopping at Antropologie. We are both avid watchers of the comedy show 30 Rock and my fiance in particular was enjoying the fact that we were going shopping at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, which is where the show takes place. Little did he know that when we passed the corner we would find ourselves in the middle of the taping of the second episode of the new 30 Rock season.

At first we didn't know what all the commotion was about but then we spotted Tracy Morgan and the pieces quickly fell into place. We're not easily starstruck but this was a pretty neat coincidence for our last full day in New York. We stood on the sidewalk and watched Tracy do his magic for a while before agreeing to get on with our original plan and go to Anthropologie. Later when we got home we were sitting in the couch with our favorite snacks and watching the new 30 Rock episodes, forgetting about the taping in New York. All of a sudden Tracy comes on and my boyfriend is yelling, pointing at the screen "Look! We're in the background!!". And indeed we were, two tiny little dots on their way to do last minute shopping in the Big Apple. My fiance was easy to spot in his red t-shirt, while I was wearing a pink visar cap. And that's how I got my 15 microseconds of fame in the background of one of my favorite shows in the forever exciting New York.

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