February 16, 2011

Funny Blog: Hypebole and a Half

I recently stumbled upon this amazing blog on Twitter. Someone wrote that it was the funniest blog ever and I just had to see for myself. First off, it's not for everyone. I tried making my boyfriend read it and he just had a blank stare the whole time he was looking at it. My reaction however was quite different: I was on the subway when I was linked to it and I eventually started laughing so hard that everyone was looking at me while my laughter induced tears were running down my cheeks and my loud chuckles were drowning out all the noise you normally hear on the subway. I had to shut it down before finishing it to stop myself from laughing and think about something really sad like homeless puppies. Basically, the blog is based on a lovely young womans memories and experiences and all her stories are illustrated with very funny and simple cartoons that help to really enhance the stories. I really enjoy reading it and have added it to my iPhone blog reader. I hope you'll enjoy Hyperbole and a Half as much as I do!

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