January 15, 2011

Illustration Friday: Chicken

I simply have to submit this to Illustration Friday's Chicken topic! It's my Poulet Poulet, the siamese chicken. I just decided to use it in my header as well for now, though I'm working on a new one.


  1. In a museum in the Netherlands my daughter (then 8) saw a stuffed/preserved calf with two heads. I had told my daughter about it and advised her not to look, but she said it was okay. Upon studying the preserved calf with two heads, she calmly reflected: 'Well, it is actually not shocking at all, but handy: one head can eat, the other read'.
    I think your chicken is multitasking as well.

  2. I think you're right, only both heads are eating haha. Your daughter sounds really cute. <3

  3. Great post Aimee! 2 heads are better than one! Great illustration !