January 26, 2011

Dream Dream Dream

I'm getting really impatient for spring to arrive. It's still much too cold here and I have to wear about three layers of sweaters to stay warm when I'm outside. And my normally very cute and fashionable trapper hat has to be tied firmly around my face to warm my cheeks so I end up looking like dork. So when I'm on my way to work I just dream away to a warmer climate and picture myself wearing amazing summery outfits and having a blast with my fiance on some future vacation. Part of my daydream is carrying one of the fantastic Buffalo Girl bags from spelldesigns.com. They are handmade and I want one bad! Buffalo Girl makes amazing navajo inspired pieces and I can't wait to see what else they have planned for this summer. Spelldesigns.com also stock other very cool desert chic items that are making their way to my wishlist.

Buffalo Girl

Spell Designs

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