May 02, 2010

My April Looks and Buys

As most of my money is being saved for New York, a lot of my looks last month are from a dressingrooms. I know it's sad but I'm doing myself a favor in the long run. Here are some of my favorite looks and pieces from April:

TopShop Romper:
My boyfriend bought me this one for my birthday.

TopShop Eiffel Tower Top:
Also a present from my sweetie.

Monki Straw Hat:
I had to have it! I've DIY'ed it and added some fake flowers to make it blossom.

H&M Denim Shirt:
This is also hung firmly in my closet. Perfect for spring.

Zara Flower Cardigan:
Didn't get this one though it was cute.

Zara Dotted Top and Flowery Skirt:
I loved this outfit and got the top. My boyfriend bought me the skirt but unfortunately it was the wrong size and they were sold out on mine so I never got it. *cry*

Zara Lace Dress:
I bought this but returned it as my sweetie though I looked like an old lady haha.

Mango Sequin French Top:
This was perfect for my hair color and I love all sequin tops so I had to get it.

TopShop Flowery Dress:
This was a present from my boyfriend and can't wait to wear it this summer!

H&M Flowery Skirt:
I want this and might still get it!

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