March 07, 2010

Super cute Kawaii Nails

I love fashion, I love cute, I love sweets and I love dressing up and adding fun little details to my outfit. That's why I MUST HAVE THESE Kawaii Nails! I haven't been ready to order them yet as I don't want to waste them at winter when I wear mittens all the time. Spring has yet to visit us here in Copenhagen so these pretties will have to wait untill the weather has improved. But aren't they just gorgeous? Tiny little details such as cupcakes, pearly stars, crystals and teddy bears make these nails a really fun and funky accessory. They are handmade, come in different sizes and are shipped worldwide. The product inventory is updated every month with new designs and clearance sales so it's possible to get them at an even lower price than the usual.

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