February 05, 2010

Art and Ghosts - Haunting Artwork by Louise Robinson

I recently happened to stumble upon the wonderful artwork of UK based artist Louise Robinson. Her work is almost dreamy, like a glimpse of a world you're not supposed to see when you're awake. I hope you'll enjoy her work as much as I do. She also has a wonderful home and I'd love a workspace like hers - light and cozy, full of cute trinkets and soft lights. I've added a picture of it below. And on her website she writes a little about her work and process:

"The majority of my works are created digitally, via the use of a Wacom tablet and Photoshop 7. Prior to 2008, most of my endeavors involved digital collage, the merging of photography with hand drawn illustration. Since then, I have concentrated mostly upon pure, digital painting, which I have more recently begun to combine with watercolour and acrylic painting, pencil sketching and hand drawn text. My most significant influences are drawn from fairytales, mythology, dolls, spectres, dreams and nature."

And above is Louise's wonderful workspace.

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