January 03, 2010

Shopping with Kaboodle

One of my favorite pastimes is online “window” shopping. I regularly come across cute accessories, home decor, books, and other fun objects on the web. As I can’t buy everything I see, it would be nice if my family and friends could get a nice manageable wish list so they know what to get me for birthdays, Christmas etc. So when I came across Kaboodle.com I was instantly hooked! It’s a shopping/fashion site all about saving the stuff you like so you can easily find it again, share it with friends, blog about it etc. It’s so easy and user friendly and you keep getting inspired by what other “kaboodlers” are saving on their lists. I’d definitely recommend it for shopaholics, women in general, list-makers and designaholics. All you have to do is sign up and add a Kaboodle button to your browser. Whenever you see something you like, you just press the button and the item, price, web link, and description is instantly added to your account for easy viewing. And best of all, it’s FREE!

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