January 02, 2010

Pastries in Prague

Last April and this Christmas my boyfriend and I went to Prague and were really taken in by the gorgeous architecture, lovely weather and ESPECIALLY their wonderful local pastry called trdlo or trdelnik. Apparently it means “crazy” bread. It’s sweet bread dipped in toasted almonds and sugar then heated on metal pipes. The blog Gastronomy Domine illustrates it very well. It was a really delicious snack and I just couldn’t stop eating them. I even bought one the last day there and had it for breakfast the day after we arrived home in Copenhagen. Trdlo could be found at the lovely Easter or Christmas markets that were scattered all over central Prague and the small stalls had huge styrofoam trdlo’s hanging from the roofs as signs. It was really lovely and it was perfect for the holiday season. I'll write more about Prague later but for now I'll leave you with pictures of this delicious pastry.

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