January 14, 2010

009 - Cookie Font part 1

Okay, so I've wanted to do Cookie lettering for quite some time now but I didn't quite know how to go about it. As I want big crisp letters I've used a big stencil. That means I have to use a lot of cookie dough if I want to create the entire alphabet. So before I start making all the letters I want to try different types of dough in order to find the one that looks the best for this typeface. My first one is Double Chocolate Chip and is an all brown dough, and I'm going to focus on the word POULET.


First off I wanted to try and create a more complex letter and used a customized version of the font Poetica to make the letter P. I printed out the letter and made it into a stencil that I placed on the rolled out dough.

Then I cut around the stencil and removed the excess dough.

I could tell that the gaps in the letter would be a problem. Anyway, I baked it and hoped for the best. Unfortunately I kinda forgot about it and it was baked for too long.
And this is the final P. I didn't really like the result as it was too bumpy and complicated which made it hard to tell it was the letter P. I will try something different next time.
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